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Gaven S..., age 40, Mesa, AZ
I write today to thank you for the fast delivery of my reorder. That I need to order again so soon is humorous to me, because when I placed my first order for 60 Niagra I thought to myself "How in the world will I ever use 60 of these things?" Well, as it turns out, I had no problem with that at all! Actually, before when I would buy prescription viagra at a local pharmacy the cost was so high that I would not take one unless it was clear my wife and I were going to make love. I realize now that we made love much less in that case because of the hassle of interrupting foreplay to take the viagra and then one or both of us getting anxious about waiting for it to take effect, etc., that we ended up not trying to make love nearly as much as we used too.

Now since the Niagra cost so little, I don't even think about the cost, I generally take them most nights of the week before we go to bed... and for the last several months we've been like college kids again... having sex nearly every night, often more than once in the same night. Thanks again for the quick delivery ... as you can guess I was nearly out.

Mark T, Houston TX, USA
I was really a bit frightened to buy Niagra online, but I did it anyway last week, and now Im really glad I did. Its everything you guys say it is.

Ron H...age 86, Chicago, IL
The cost these things is exactly what I needed because although I have great health, I don't have unlimited resources to buy prescription medicine for my erection problems at the local pharmacy. My wife and I are very sexually active, going at it maybe 4 or 5 times a week (and even more if we are on a cruise or at a resort!) so I can attest that the ProVigra works just as well as the brand name Viagra. By the way, I am 87 years old so don't fall for the old line that life ends after 70!

Jack Sarver, NJ, USA
I am very happy with the results. This product is quite amazing, and I can honestly say Niagra is the only herbal pill I found that is effective for me.

Sebastian Jaskor, WI, USA
My fast lifestyle can get pretty tiring, what with managing my business and trying to be a good partner at home too. Satisfying my wifes needs helps me relax too. Niagra gave me the erections needed to perform better than I ever have in the past.

Barbara M...age 57, San Jose, CA

I just want to say how grateful we are for providing the medicine to treat my husbands erectile dysfunction at such an affordable price. We are on a fixed income and in no way could afford to pay high brand name prices impotence drugs like viagra.

Ronald Ligman, WA, USA
I tried Niagra and it not only improved my sexual confidence a lot, but allowed me to have intercourse for nearly an hour. I recommend this product to anyone who is having erection problems. It works better than I ever thought it would.

Bjon, France
You guys are amazing, the delivery was faster than anything I expected, and your customer service was great.But best of all of course is your product actually DOES work. I have been married for the last 32 years and never in our sex life could we achieve the pleasure we can now.

Andirin G... age 49, Perth, Australia
Hi mate! Yes I like to buy ProVigra from your online store, and yes it works as well as the brand name viagra, but really I'm writing today hoping you pick my entry and send me 30 free ProVigra! Cheers!

Amit Ranjar, age 39, Mumbai, India
The delivery of the ProVigra ordered was quickest and also was best the effect of cure to my working erection problem. Apology is yours to the writing, it thinks Google much capable for the search and most terrible in you receiving translation of language.

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As an erectile dysfunction treatmentmy husband decided to try Niagra, and the results are great! I just love it when he gets such a rock hard erection. Erectile dysfunction or impotence? Not any more... and I'm very much satisfied with out sex now.
Margaret, UK

What I looked for in a natural erectile dysfunction treatment was something that would work well, and would work everytime. And that is exactly what your impotence pill does for me. Very impressive... I feel 30 years younger. Now I feel like I've found a complete cure for my impotence.

After 10 years of impotence, I'm so glad I found your natural erectile dysfunction product. My partner says these pills also make my penis bigger, which earlier she could hardly feel when it was inside of her.
Bill, Male, USA





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