100% Natural Herbal Erectile Dysfunction Solution

Medically Formulated Advanced Combination Of Natural Herbs

Niagra Using the latest in laboratory technology, research scientist working with doctors have found the exact combination of natural herbs and compounds to give you the maximum results of a rock hard penis safely without side effects and in the quickest time.

The advanced super concentrated herbal formula in Niagra erection pills is medically formulated and proven to work immediately to increase the hardness and size of your erections. Advanced Niagra is the most potent formula for getting and maintaining a rock hard erection.

Niagra also helps:

Natural increase in testosterone levels, sperm count and volume
Increase desire, interest and pleasure
Improving concentration and memory
Improves kidney, hormonal, and metabolic function
Rapid and complete absorption with sublingual tablets


Each Niagra capsule contains:

Epimedium brevicornum extract:
Epimedium brevicornum Maxim (EbM) has been reputed to have sexual stimulation effects on males.To boost energy and sexual hormonea is uesd to heighten sexual ability,it has immune function,inprove bones growth,prevent consenescence,has health care ability to demic blood vessel and endocrine system.

Semen cuscutae extract:
semen cuscuatae has been used throughout china for the treatment impotence and kidney/liver deficiency. Studies have proven that Semen Cuscutae has positive effects on sperm production and mobility, testicle health and invigorates the reproductive system.

Tribulus terrestris extract:
Tribulus is most often used for infertility, erectile dysfunction, and low libido. In the last decade, it has become popular to improve sports performance.

Tongkat ali extract:
Research has shown that tongkat ali contains several phytochemicals (plant chemicals) that increase the level of testosterone the sex hormone required for male sexual functions, It is also required in the development of the sexual organ and the brain..

Piper nigrum extract:
According to Ayurveda piper nigrum is useful in treatment of asthma, chronic indigestion, colon toxins, obesity, sinus congestion, fever, intermittent fever, cold extremities, colic pain, cholera, gastric ailments, diarrhea, piles, worms and sore throat. However its main purpose in this formula is to aid the bodys adsorbsion of the herbs and make the product more effective and react quicker.

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As an erectile dysfunction treatmentmy husband decided to try Niagra, and the results are great! I just love it when he gets such a rock hard erection. Erectile dysfunction or impotence? Not any more... and I'm very much satisfied with out sex now.
Margaret, UK

What I looked for in a natural erectile dysfunction treatment was something that would work well, and would work everytime. And that is exactly what your impotence pill does for me. Very impressive... I feel 30 years younger. Now I feel like I've found a complete cure for my impotence.

After 10 years of impotence, I'm so glad I found your natural erectile dysfunction product. My partner says these pills also make my penis bigger, which earlier she could hardly feel when it was inside of her.
Bill, Male, USA


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